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The current range of Revolver Hi Fi loudspeakers utilises custom built drive units and cabinet design.

Previous models, which are no longer available, used different drive units and components and are therefore not compatible with current models.

However, we do hold a limited supply of replacement parts (e.g. drive units, tweeters, etc.) for some earlier models:

        • Revolver 230
        • Revolver 250
        • Revolver 260
        • Revolver Purdey
        • Revolver Colt
        • Revolver Beretta
        • Revolver Ricochet (Rear), (Centre)
        • All R Series models (R16,R25,R33 & R45)
        • All RW Series models (RW16, RW25, RW33 & RW45)

We are also able to supply drive belts for Revolver turntables.

You can buy a drive belt, cartridge or oilkit for the Revolver Rebel and equivalent turntables by dropping us an email at info@revolver.co.uk or by using our Paypal buttons below.

By clicking 'add to cart' you will be taken to the Paypal website for secure payment and buyer protection.


Rebel Drivebelt £22.95

(includes postage to anywhere in the world)



Rebel Cartridge £45.95 GBP

(includes postage to anywhere in the world)



Turntable Oil kit £8.95 GBP (with instructions)

(includes postage to anywhere in the world)




If you require any information on the availability or compatibility of spare parts for earlier Revolver models please contact us by email, or by phone.

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