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Following unanimous praise and success of the Revolver award winning first reference loudspeaker model, the ‘Cygnis’, Revolver have now been positioned worldwide as a serious designer and manufacturer of very high quality, High-End loudspeakers.

Our well established range of high quality Audio products includes – Hi-Fi, Stereo and Home Cinema Loudspeakers, Vinyl Record Turntables, Phono Pre-Amplifiers, and the latest ‘Pig’ Record Clamp.

Now we have taken a step further as we announce the launch of our most sophisticated loudspeaker system to date - the Cygnis-Gold.

The Cygnis-Gold is the new flagship model in the Revolver range and is the result of intensive research and development and is a sophisticated, high quality, high resolution 'state of the art' design. The criteria for the Cygnis-Gold was to design a 'no compromise', advanced performance loudspeaker with the combination of reference sound quality and distinctive styling. the remit was for the design to deliver a sonic quality akin to the best available yet still be accessible into most domestic environments and offer discernable value for money.

High quality audio systems

Check out our all new Revolver Rebel II Turntable, now available to buy directly through our website with worldwide shipping.

Also available to buy online are many of our loudspeakers, in stock and ready to ship now. Please check out our Music and Audiovue series.



You can now buy drive belts, cartridges and oilkits for the Revolver Rebel or equivalent, using our Paypal options here.



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