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Cygnis Gold

Following unanimous praise and success of the company's first reference model - the Cygnis - Revolver have now been positioned worldwide as a serious designer of very high quality, top-end loudspeakers. Now we have taken a step further as we announce the launch of our most sophisticated loudspeaker system to date the Cygnis Gold.

The Cygnis Gold is the new flagship model in the Revolver range and is the result of intensive research and development and is a sophisticated, high quality, high resolution 'state of the art' design. The criteria for the Cygnis Gold was to design a 'no compromise', advanced performance loudspeaker with the combination of reference sound quality and distinctive styling. The remit was for the design to deliver a sonic quality akin to the best available yet still be accessible into most domestic environments and offer discernable value for money.

Cygnis Gold


Cygnis Gold
This external Crossover module also has Tri-Wire inputs for the best possible performance 
Technical Specifications
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 25Hz - 30kHz +/-6dB (35Hz - 28kHz +/-3dB)
Cygnis Gold
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 Ohms (minimum 5.1 Ohms)
CROSSOVER Full 3 way crossover, acoustically isolated in dedicated box.
Hand built with laminated and air cored inductors, polypropylene capacitors and silver plated OFC wiring.
CROSSOVER FREQUENCY Tw - Mid 3250Hz, Mid - Bass 300Hz
TWEETER 29mm Centre and Edge damped Polyester soft Dome, Low resonant frequency with Rear cavity damping, Exceptionally flat frequency response to 38Khz.
Cygnis Gold
MIDRANGE 165mm woven glass fibre diaphragm with vented cast chassis and shielded double magnet, 15 litre enclosure of advanced composite material with Kapex foam core, with a high gloss piano black finish Asymmetrically shaped to reduce standing waves.

417mm Honeycomb 2 x layer Kevlar diaphragm with vented cast chassis with double magnet motor system, Extensively braced, acoustically isolated 117 litre enclosure with QB3 port reflex loading, 2pi driver position for more accurate LF ‘in room’ performance.

In accordance with our policy and commitment to advance technical development and maintain high quality standards, Revolver reserves the right to change the specifiactions or make any modifications to products without notice.
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